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JavaScript · · 5 min read

Accumulate Complex Objects With the Reduce Method

Many people don’t realize the power and potential of the Array.reduce (MDN) method. What makes it so powerful is its ability to take in an array containing any values and then return almost any type of data. Because of this flexibility, I want to highlight one technique you can use to traverse an array containing an infinite number of nested objects. You’ll learn how to accumulate all objects and return a single object you can use to reference any entry by ID.

React · · 18 min read

Building the Inspect Measurement Engine

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to construct a measurement system inside of Inspect that depicts and calculates the distances between two layers. In-between each layer, a line is drawn with a label that displays the distance. Supporting lines are added to the nearest edges of the hovered layer to help give the user an idea where the measurement lines reach.

In this article, I’ll explain some of my ideas and how I managed to take a fairly complex problem, break it down, and deliver something of value to an end user. I hope by you reading through this article; you’ll have a better understanding of how to dissect a problem you may be encountering. I know when I was handed the ticket to implement this functionality, it was intimidating.

Static Sites · · 8 min read

From Hugo to Next JS and Back Again

This post features my challenges, frustrations, and why I ultimately landed on using Hugo as a static site generator to build my blog. The past three iterations of this website were written using Hugo, Next JS, and then back to Hugo again. Hugo gave me so much out of the box, and practically everything I needed, whereas Next JS, required me to write the functionality I wanted explicitly. This article is not meant to hate on any frameworks and instead voice my own experience.