Devin Schulz


I’m Devin Schulz, a software developer based in Ottawa, Canada. I specialize in building web applications that are performant, accessible, and focused on the user experience.

My professional journey started as a freelance graphic designer who loved to code. During my time as a freelancer, I transitioned from telling people how the designs look and operate to the one implementing them.

I chose to end my freelance venture after deciding I wanted something a little more permanent. Pursuing clients and ensuring you always have work lined up is exhausting. I ended up joining Soshal, a humble agency that I had once worked with on a couple projects.

A year and a half year went by, and I transitioned to working remotely at InVision, for what was my longest stint. I watched and helped the company grow from 76 people to well over 800. I had the opportunity to build out useful features and products like Marketplace, Design Disruptors, Boards, Inspect, Craft, and most recently, everything related to comments.

As of May 2020, I took a lead role in helping Cape Privacy build a platform for data scientists which marries privacy and machine learning. I defined the front end architecture, and currently building out the core product.

I hope the content I share can provide you, the reader, with first-hand knowledge. I look forward to delivering suggestions and approaches that everyone can benefit from.

I’m happy to have you along for the ride!

— Devin